About Us


A way to learn about the world, past and present 


Starting as a child I found collecting such things as shells, fossils, coins paper money, stamps as well as anything that peeked my interest was my way to learn about the wonders of the world around me.  As an adult I still find myself collecting different things that I find interesting, but coins hold a special interest passion of mine,  I still remember finding a 1941 wheat penny and the wonder I felt holding something so old.  That wonder I still find holding coins and other collectibles.

When picking what I offer at the store, it is items I believe others will also share an interest in.  I hope you will find something that also peeks your interest.  

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me at saeculares@gmail.com, which is also the paypal address. 

You will find coins, paper money and more while perusing the site.